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Metcalf Cleaning, LLC

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Invoice # 575
Issued on March 1, 2021
Expires on March 31, 2021
Total Estimated $350.00

Service 1.0

Webmaster Services –
Manage website content and update website content per client specifications for predetermined fee ($300) to be billed or charged on monthly recurring basis.

Content management includes creating and updating web pages, landing pages, website design, layout, graphics, templates, themes, plugins, and WordPress CMS.

Alternative Web Solutions, LLC is responsible for managing and updating all website content including web pages, graphics, textual content, web forms, and additional specialty functionality, (i.e., popups, booking plugin, or other more technical functions beyond the basic website). Client is responsible for providing content to be published on the website. “Content” includes text, verbiage, and other descriptive textual matter relative to the client’s business and products/services provided. Optionally, client may provide digital graphics, images and other digital assets.






Service 2.0

Google Search Ad Management –
Create and manage Google search ads and ad campaign(s). Google ads include text and graphical digital advertisements to be displayed on Google search engine and Google search network partners. In addition to ads, Google ad management includes keyword research and keyword selection, campaign management, campaign settings, and account administration.

Client is responsible for paying the predetermined monthly “pay-per-click” (PPC) budget. Monthly pay-per-click determined to be $250. Pay-per-click budget allotment to be paid directly to Google, Inc. with specified credit card or debit card stored on file. Client will be automatically charged/debited PPC budget by Google, Inc. on a monthly basis.

Daily budget will approximate $250 divided by 30 days. Daily budget may fluctuate slightly due to market conditions – meaning the number of days per month and/or overall performance of ads. Daily budget fluctuations will result in monthly budget fluctuations. Fluctuations are minimal and should not vary more that 5-10%. Monthly budget may be changed at any time, ONLY per client request, in writing – via email or print.







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Info & Notes

Company: Metcalf Cleaning, LLC


Terms & Conditions

Complimentary Web Hosting Services

Website management services includes complimentary web hosting with SSL. If Metcalf Cleaning, LLC (hereafter, “client”) declines web hosting with Alternative Web Solutions, LLC, client agrees to provide access to current web hosting provider in order to perform services quoted in this estimation (#575).

3rd Party Fees

Specialty website functionality may require periodic licensing fees. Metcalf Cleaning, LLC is responsible for 3rd party costs and fees for specialty plugins. In cases where additional costs or fees are required for speciality plugins, client will be notified in advance of any work performed, in writing.


Client is responsible for domain unless arrangement is made for domain management with Alternative Web Solutions, LLC.

Website Access

For services to be rendered per estimation (#575), client agrees to provide access to website, website files, and website content.


Client may opt-in for monthly invoicing or automatic debited payments for monthly services rendered. Invoices are due 30 days upon receipt. Invoices are distributed electronically, to registered email address on file, unless client requests paper invoicing.

If client opts for automated payments, client agrees to automatic charge/debit of credit card/debit card on file on a monthly recurring basis. Client may discontinue automatic payments at anytime by submitting written notice, via email or print, to Alternative Web Solutions, LLC. Client agrees that failure to pay will result in termination of quoted services as described in this estimation (#575).


Client is not contractually obligated to any length of term of service and may cancel monthly services at anytime. If client opts for complimentary web hosting with Alternative Web Solutions, LLC and then cancels web hosting service with Alternative Web Solutions, LLC, client is liable for web hosting with another web hosting provider. Current website data, website content, and all affiliated digital assets will be delivered to client in a digital format for client to restore with another web hosting provider.

Client is fully responsible for monthly PPC budget owed to Google, Inc. Client retains option to change PPC budget at whim, by written request – email or printed. If client discontinues Google Ads management services provided by Alternative Web Solutions, LLC, client is liable for all remaining monies owed to Google, Inc, as described above.

If client opts for cancellation of monthly service with Alternative Web Solutions, LLC, client agrees to pay all monies owed through the final day of the final month of service, in full, without expectation of proration of rate.

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